The Prime Minister of Pakistan asked the Ministry of Lestion to formulate a “National Education Policy that would smoothly lead the nation into the next century. The Ministry embarked upon a comprehensive process of consultation with scholars, administrators, leaders of public opinion and representatives of NGO’s to design an initial draft. The main features of the policy were received by the cabinet on 21st January, 1998. The cabinet appointed a subcommittee of Ministers of various departments. Finally, the Prime Minister, in a National Convention on Education, announced the salient features of the policy on 21st February 1998;’


The following are the Specific Objectives of the Policy:-

  • Attaining acceptable level of literacy by universalization of basic education.
  • Arranging for providing quality education.
  • Encouraging private investment in education.
  • Making education purposeful and job oriented.
  • Ensuring the equality of higher education.
  • Reforming the examination system.
  • Evolving an effective decentralized management.
  • Creating relationship between supply and demand of teachers.
  • Raising the quality of teacher education.
  • Achieving universal primary education by using formal and non-formal approaches.
  • Making curriculum a continuous process.
  • Developing technical and vocational education inthe country.

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