i. The State of Secondary Education

Secondary education (IX-XII) is an important sub-sector of the entire educational system. It provides the middle level work force for the economy as well as acts as a feeder for higher level education. The policy makers had pointed out some weaknesses in secondary education, such as:

  • Secondary education had not attracted attention in terms of efforts arid investment in the past.
  • There had been unplanned expansion in secondary education and irrational distribution of schools.
  • The provision of science and mathematics teachers had not been considered seriously.
  • The introduction of technical and vocational education at secondary level remained a controversial issue.
  • Physical facilities and textbooks were inadequate.

ii. Programmes laid down in policy for improvement of secondary education:

The following programmes were embodied in the policy for the achievement of the objectives of secondary education in the country?

  • Setting up one Model Secondary School initially at each district level,
  • Introduction of a definite vocation or career at secondary level.
  • Revision of curricula for secondary and higher secondary level would be initiated.
  • Multiple textbooks would be introduced at secondary school level.
  • A comprehensive in-service and pre-service teacher training programme would be launched in the area of assessment and evaluation for the improvement of public examinations.
  • Project method of teaching would be initiated at secondary level.
  • Education Service Commission would be established for recruitment of teachers.
  • Salary structures of teachers would be based on qualification.
  • Education Card would be provided to needy students.

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