The edifice of the National Education Policy 1992, had been structured on the basis of “guide-lines” provided by the Prime Minister’s Directive on 10th February, 1991,”on the basis of the input received from contract educationists, administrators and members of the Standing Committees of the National Assembly and the Senate. The Federal Minister of Education announced the policy on 20th December. 1992.

The depressing situation which formulation was the then prevailing system of education, which despite its several times expansion, had not been able to evolve an educational system which could take recognizable of the challenge of almost “convulsive changes” engulfing mankind all over the world.

Keeping in view the weaknesses in the system alongside the aspiration of the nation to develop as a productive and progressive society, the fabric of the entire system of education strategies was intended to be re-examined, the priorities to be re-fixed the parameters of the policy to be re-stated and the to be revised to make the system capable of meeting the demands of a progressive economy and the social, cultural and political development of an egalitarian Muslim society.


The main thrust of the policy was:

  • To restructure the continuing education system on modern lines, in accordance with the principles of Islam so as to create a healthy, forward looking and egalitarian society.
  • To improve the quality of education and intensify research activities in the universities, especially in the modern fields of science and technology.

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