An Education Conference in 1977 was held at Islamabad, which provided both spirit and substance to the National Education Policy 1979, by Martial Law regime. The factors which led to the formulation of policy are better reflected in the statement of Mr. Mohammad Ali H. Hoti, Minister of Education on the Policy while presenting its salient features in the cabinet meeting on 12th October, 1978. He said that the sporadic efforts made by various governments in the past were mainly confined to tip service and left much to be desired. The nation was still without any clear direction/groping in the midst of divergent views and confusion.

There was, therefore,-need to clearly set the direction, define objectives and develop practical plans through the process of education. Both population and illiteracy were growing at alarming rate. The participation rate of at primary and secondary levels was low and the wastage was colossal. There were disparities and the curricula was not relevant and the system of higher education was not geared to support development.

Aims of the Policy

The following aims were set for the policy.

  • To foster in the hearts and minds of the people of Pakistan in general and the students in Pakistan, in particular, deep and abiding loyalty to Islam and Pakistan.
  • To create awareness in every student that he as a member of Pakistani nation as well as a part of Muslim Ummah and is expected contribute towards the welfare of fellow
  • To produce citizens who are fully conversant with the Pakistan Movement and its ideology. foundation, its history and culture.
  • To develop and inculcate in accordance with Holy Quran and Sunna, The character, conduct and motivation expected of a true Muslim.
  • To provide and ensure equal educational opportunities to all citizens of Pakistan and to safeguard the rights of minorities.
  • To impart quality education to and develop the creative and innovative facilities; of the people.
  • To provide minimum acceptable level of functional literacy and fundamental education to all citizens of the country.
  • To create interest, and love for learning and discipline among the youth.
  • To promote and strengthen scientific, vocational and technological education training and research in the country.

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