i) Development and Improvement

The policy envisaged that primary school enrolment would be increased that all boys of school age were enrolled by 1982-83. Universal enrollment for boys would be attained by 1986- 87.

In case of girls, universalization would be achieved by 1992. Necessary provision in the from of physical facilities, instructional materials and pre-service and in-service education of teachers would be made to achieve the target. A number of non-formal means would also be used to achieve universalization of primary education opening of nearly five thousand mosques schools was a step in that direction.

ii) Other programmes for the development of primary education in the policy were related to:

  • Wastage would be eliminated to achieve 60percent literary rate by 1982-83 and 100percent thereafter.
  • About 17000 new primary schools would be set-up.
  • Nearly 1300 new primary schools would be opened mainly in the rural areas.
  • About 5000 mosque schools would be established for boys.
  • Equipment would be provided strengthen 12000 existing schools.
  • Text books would be supplied to all students at primary level.
  • About 100 supplementary Readers would be provided to each new primary school.
  • All primary schools would be provided Teaching Kits,
  • A nation wide School Mapping exercise would be earned out to evolve a process of school location planning.
  • Fund budgeted for primary education would not be used for other purposes
  • Community resources and participation would be effectively mobilized.
  • The policy initiated to recognize, institutionalize and strengthen “Mohalla Schools” to provide educational facilities to female children, youth, and adults in the community.
  • The policy for adults also provided to establish Village Workshop Schools under phased programmes to impart useful skills to dropped out and other left out children.

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