The Jamia Millia Islamia had to face much opposition of the Government. Therefore, it could not leave some everlasting impacts or influences. However, it is a highly valuable contribution on the part, of the Jamia that it paved the way for Urdu to be the medium of instruction. It helped in the promotion and progress of the Urdu language. It also facilitated writing so many books, in Urdu. Technical Training was also included in the curriculum. As a result, the educated youths of the Jamia were under no obligation to run after public posts or jobs. They took pleasure in handicrafts and manual work. Religious Sciences were taught side by side with the modern ones. But what a pity that this Movement could not flourish adequately for want of resources and non- cooperation on the part of the Government despite the fact that its teachers were selfless as well as renowned scholars. Lastly, due to its opposition to the two Nation Theory this movement could not become popular, among the Muslims of the Sub-continent.

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