The following salient feature of the educational setup of the Jammia Millia Islamia were noticed, namely:

i) Simplicity & Sincerity

The highly educated teachers of the Jamia rejected offers of high public posts with associated luxuries. They set great examples of self lessness and sacrifice by educating the pupils in their simple huts. They also served the Ummah a great deal by writing great books. The teachers and the students of the Jamia led a very simple life and never compromised their freedom/independence of conscience.

ii) Technical Training

The Jamia Millia Islamia setup an industrial organisation to train its students in handicrafts so that after completing their studies, they might not fall a prey to unemployment.

iii) Written Works (Writings)

The teachers of the Jamia did their research work and writings with total devotion. The subsidiary institutions, of the jamia like the Urdu Academy and the Dar-ul-Isha’t published many educational, literary and biographical works.

iv) Combination of Modern & Oriental Sciences

A balance was maintained in the curriculum between the Modern & Oriental Sciences. The compulsory subjects of Deeniyat and Arabic facilitated the students of religious sciences. The instructions in the Holy Quran and Hadith, Islamic Jurisprudence, Biography and Islamic History were. imported upto the Research stage.

v) Urdu as the medium of Instruction

Imparting education in Urdu was a revolutionary step. No doubt, the Jamia Usmannia held the first place in this connection, but the Jamia Millia made it compulsory to write a book in any local (native) language. It helped to increase the collection of Urdu textbooks. Moreover, the Hindu students of the Jamia translated Sanskrit books, which was a valuable literary service.

vi) Character building and Training

The Jamia was run on residential basis. It helped build character of the students alongside their training in the relevant fields of study, for there was an all-time link between the teachers and students.

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