The establishment of the Jamia Millia Islamia had the following motives and objective, namely:

i) Modern as well as religious science

To equip the Muslims with modern as well s religious sciences. The Maulana, in his booklet, wrote that they had always in mind to prepare such young men in their institutions as would be reckoned educated at par with the established standards in the world. Again, they would be true Muslims as well. They would be through Muslims and fully conversant with the religious sciences. And they would prove self-supporting preachers, too.

ii) Complete Quranic know-how

For the purpose, the Jamia held that complete Quranic know-how was the fountain head of its education.

iii) Industrial and artistic education

Industrial and artistic education programmes were made compulsory for making the Muslims independent of the public service and for bringing home to them dignity of manual labour.

iv) Level of religious and modern science

They tried to affect a compromise and co-relationbetween the religious and modern sciences.

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