The objectives of the Nadwa Movement were to chart down a course in between the Deoband and the Aligarh Movements. They aimed at reforming and then harmonizing the old religious sciences curriculum with the modern trends and demands of knowledge.

They also aimed of benefiting from the modern sciences. Therefore, we can sum up the Nadwa objectives as under.

  • To reform the curriculum; develop the religious sciences; improve the character of the students and refine their manners.
  • To narrow down the differences of point of view among the Ulama and thus create relative harmony among religious scholars.
  • To reform the Muslims at large; to strive for their progress and prosperity and to keep aloof from the political strife in the country (south Asia).
  • To establish a first-rate and grand Dar-ul-Uloom for providing education in various arts and sciences and for promoting virtuosity among the students.
  • To establish a department of Judicial Verdict for providing guidance regarding Islamic Jurisprudence and other relevant issues.

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