Between Wood’s Despatch and Lord Curzon, there stretches a period of nearly fifty years. This period saw a lot of political upheaval as well as the awakening of national consciousness. The most significant event of this period was the appointment of the first ever-Indian Education Commission by Lord Ripon on February 3, 1882, with William Hunter as its chairman. The Commission is sometimes termed as ‘Hunter Commission’ after the name of its chairman. Indians and missionaries were also given representation in the Commission.


Hunter Commission was appointed by Lord Ripon in 1882, with the following specific objectives:

  • It was to evaluate Wood’s Despatch.
  • It was to suggest ways to carry out the principles laid down in Wood’s Despatch.
  • The Commission was to enquire into the condition of primary education, and lastly,
  • It was to suggest how best grant-in-aid system could be utilised.

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