Sociological Roles in education

World is changing rapidly communications and the economy are becoming globalized. Career success requires increasingly advanced skills.

A society ensures its unity and survival by means of culture. Culture is the way of thinking and behaving. It is collection of traditions, memories, written records, rules, ideas, beliefs, habits and values.

According to one ideology, society want to preserve the ideas, beliefs and values and transmit the same to the next generations. This ideology is social conservation.

Technology, globalization and modernization are constantly effecting the ideas, beliefs and values of the society. In the light of modern threats, ideas, beliefs and values are critically evaluated.

As a result new ideas, beliefs and values are created. This is the creative role of the society which focuses on development of new ideas, beliefs and values which are more beneficial.

1. Conservative

Literally it means opposing great or sudden changes.

It is political or moral ideology according to which certain values or behaviours are enforced, maintained or encouraged. It is thought that these values or behaviours keep the people decent and civilized. These values or behaviours are not universal or accepted by all social groups. Different social groups accept different values and behaviours and maintain then. However, there are number of values and behaviours to which at least a majority of social conservatives adhere.

2. Critical

All the values and behaviours do not achieve the status of universal acceptance at all the times. Globalization, modernization, technology and changing family patterns affect them positively or negatively. People give judgments regarding values and behaviours in the light of factors effecting them. These values and behaviours are put to test. Critical thinking involves thinking reflectively and evaluating the ideas, value and behaviours. This is the critical role of the society that values and behaviours are not constant or permanent, they keep on changing.

3. Creative

It means having power or ability to create with the help of intelligence and imagination.

The role of society is not stagnant. It is dynamic. The society develops new and novel ideas and beliefs. The societies which do not create new ideas and beliefs can not stand with the modern and changing world. The role of society to create new ideas, beliefs and values is very important. This is the role on the basis of which societies progress and prosper.

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