The following activities have been suggested in the curriculum to be carried in teaching of different subjects by the students..

  • Filling in Muslim majority areas in the outline map ofthe subcontinent.
  • Filling in boundaries of Pakistan in the outline map of the subcontinent.
  • Participation in the debates and dramas.
  • Organizing pupil show and taking part in the role playing.
  • Making charts.
  • Making speeches.
  • Organizing functions.
  • Attending Assembling Session.
  • Participating in groups discussion.
  • Arrange mock session.
  • Visiting river sides, field etc.
  • Collecting clothes for flood victims.
  • Making model.
  • Collecting specimen.
  • Collecting demographic information, preparing population charts.
  • Visiting urban development projects.
  • Organizing seminars.
  • Visiting educational collecting.
  • Visiting hospital collecting information about various disease.
  • Working on social service project
  • Collecting pictures of important places.

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