The following are the main types of questions.

1)Introductory Questions:

These are used in introducing new topic or lesson to students. The introductory questions are based on the previous knowledge which is related to new knowledge. These questions employ from known to unknown maxim of teaching.

(2) Developing Questions:

After introducing new topic, some questions are asked to develop the new content. It employs from logical to psychological techniques of teaching. The logical sequence of units of new content should be psychologically workable.

(3) Recapitulatory Question:

In the learning process, law of practice or law exercise play a significant role in teaching new content. These type questions provide the situations to practice the learned content. The question serves three


  • To consolidate the learner’s new knowledge.
  • To organize the ideas of facts at proper place.
  • To provide well organized situation of the content.

4) Evaluatory Questions

At the end of lesson, the teacher puts questions to test the knowledge of the learners to assimilate whether they could learn the content. Generally oral questions are asked. These are short answer type. Some time these questions are helpful to diagnose the weakness of their learning. The remedial instruction can be provided to learner by the teacher. It also functions as feedback to the teaching learning process.


Generally questions are used for two purposes.

(a) Didactic

(b) Testing.

(a) Didactic Questions:

These questions are used for providing new knowledge to the students i.e., introductory, developing and recapitulatory question. These questions involve some prompt, cues or hint for emitting new behaviours.

(b) Testing Questions

These questions are used assessing and diagnosis purpose. A hint, cues or prompts are not used in these type of questions.

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