Teaching techniques prepare or generate a chain of teaching learning process. Teaching method is an abstract. concept while techniques of teaching are helpful in using a certain method of teaching. A method of teaching determines the style or way or presentation of content which techniques assist in doing so. A teaching method reveals that how a content is presented in classroom. While techniques indicate with what activities of teaching. Techniques are psychological as well as logical in nature. Some time nature of content is most important in employing a particular technique. Scientific concepts are presented by techniques which employs several maxims of teaching.

The questioning, story telling, supervised study are the main techniques of teaching as well as method of teaching. Simple way to differentiate between technique and method is that a technique is partial or part of activities of teaching while method is the whole style of presentation. If questioning is partially used then it is technique, if the whole presentation is done by questioning then it s a method of teaching. A questioning technique may be used one or more maxims of teaching. Some important techniques are as follows:

Types of Teaching Techniques: There are eight important techniques of teaching which are most commonly used in classroom and distance teaching. The following are the main teaching techniques:

  1. Questioning Technique,
  2. Narration Technique,
  3. Description Technique,
  4. Explanation Technique,
  5. Exposition Technique,
  6. Story Telling Technique,
  7. Supervised Study Technique, and
  8. Illustration Technique.

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