If we follow these principles as guidelines this method would be more fruitful and effective.

1.Individual Capability

Individualized instruction should be in accordance with child’s aptitude, interest, demand and learning rate.

2. Integration

Educational purposes must be integrated with ethics and morals to make this method meaningful and helpful for building stronger foundations of one’s own standards.

3.Instructional Method

It must be adopted as a stimulant or motive so that educational motivation can be propagated into our learners.


A learner should get opportunities to flourish in stress- free environment. Freedom helps to mould a child’s capabilities in the framework of nature.

5.Fundamental Skills

It is crucial to teach fundamental skills to learners like reading, writing, and speaking. Once he has learnt, it would facilitate him towards study, exercise, assignments, etc.


A child should be provided with opportunities to experiment with what he learns, it would inculcate the habit of self-study along with developing a sense of responsibility.


Teachers should guide and assist only when needed. They should eliminate the obstacles and let learner work independently so that may grow and shape their natural abilities well.


A teacher should blend individual teaching with group teaching occasionally to add a new flavor. In groups, students compete with each other, learn from others mistakes and accelerate their learning pace.


Co-related activities enable a child to be more confident. It is also a mean for teacher to assess one’s aptitude, which is expressed in child’s activity.


IngredientThe level and size of assignments should be rational so that learners may be able do the job well and get positive feedback for their achievements as a token of encouragement.

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