The following procedure is followed in Micro teaching:

  • Explanation of Skill: In Micro teaching a particular skill is selected. This skill is defined to student-teachers or teachers, under training in terms of specific teaching behaviors and objectives of these behaviours.
  • Demonstration: An expert or teacher educator demonstrates the teaching skill to the student-teachers. The expert can also show video recording of that skill.
  • Preparation of a Micro-lesson (Plan-session): Trainee or student-teacher prepares a lesson plan to demonstrate the chosen skill. A small portion of subject matter is selected for this purpose. Lesson plan should be for 5-10 minutes teaching. This is called ‘Plan-session’.
  • Teaching (Teach-session): Trainee teaches planned lesson to a small group of students or peers (5-10 students) for a small duration of time i.e. for 5-10 minutes).The expert sits in the corner of the classroom, observes the lesson delivery of the trainee and notes down observation in a specially developed performa. Video-recording can also be done, if facilities are available.
  • Discussion (Feedback session): After observing the teaching session of the trainee, the expert discusses his observations with the trainee. The expert gives his view on how the lesson can be improved or made more effective. This is called feedback. This is important phase of micro teaching.
  • Replan: After receiving the feedback, student-teacher replans or re-structures his/her lesson in the light of suggestions. The lesson is replanned. It is an improve version of the previous lesson.
  • Re-teach: Revised lesson is retaught to the same class (students may be different) for the same duration. It will naturally be a better lesson than the previous one.
  • Re-feedback: Reteaching is again followed by discussions and providing re-feedback to the student teacher (trainee). This is called the refeedback session.Plan, teach, feedback, re-plan, re-teach and re-feedback is called a ‘micro teaching cycle’. This cycle may e repeated till adequate level of skill acquisition takes place.

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