Main merits of this method are:

1. Economical

It is quite economical method. It is possible to handle a large number of students at a time and no laboratory, aids, materials are required.

2. Saves Time

Making use of lecture ahod, the knowledge can be imparted to the students, quickly and the prescribed syllabus can be convinced a Short time


It is quite attractive and easy to follow. Using this method teacher feels secure and satisfied.

4. Teacher’s work become easier

It simplifies the task of the teacher as he dominates the lesson for 70-85% of the lesson time and students just listen to him.

5. Useful for factual information’s

Using this method it is quite easy to impart factual information and historical anecdotes.

6.Helps in developing own style

By adopting this method teacher can develop his own style of teaching and exposition.

7. Maintains Sequence

In this method teacher can easily maintain the logical sequence of the subject by planning his lecture in advance. It minimises the chances of any gaps or overlappings.

8. Motivating

Some good lectures delivered by the teacher may motivate, inspire a student for creative thinking.

9. Develops Rapport

It facilitates rapport between the teacher and the taught and so makes the teaching-learning process interesting and effective. Speech involves a unique power of attraction. When a teacher starts speaking in an effective language with proper modulation and gestures giving examples and narrating anecdotes. It leaves a positive impact upon students which establishes the desired rapport.

10. Develops listening Skills

It develops listening skill of the students. Hearing skill is an important means of learning that should be developed during the school stage. For developing this skill lecture method is quite suitable. It has been observed that after some period of learning distraction sets in. However if lecture is interesting, concentration of students continues for long and the lecture method helps in drawing attention and concentration which leads to grasping the content matter Thus this method develops the listening skill of students.

11. Useful for brilliant students

It is more useful for brilliant students and encourages the thinking and reasoning capacities of bright students. When the teacher selects material from different books, it encourages the bright students to read these books themselves.

12. Assists other methods

It helps in the implementation of other methods. The success of various methods such as Project Method, Problem Method, Assignment Method etc. depends upon the explanation provided by lecture method. It saves their time and energy and give them a clear direction.

13. Promotes learning by heart

It promotes learning by heart among students. When the students are asked to answer certain questions about the lecture delivered, the students gradually learn the art of learning various aspects of the lesson by heart.

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