The teaching tactics are the ways of implementing a teaching strategy. Different types of tactics are used in the same teaching strategy. The tactics are more concerned with creating appropriate learning structures.E. Stones and S.

Morris (1972) have defined the term teaching tactics in the following way:

“Teaching tactics is good linked influenced / influencing behaviour of the teacher, the way he behaves in the instructional situation in working towards the development of the strategy: units of teacher behavior through which the teacher fulfils his various instructional roles with the students of his class from time to time; the component of teacher behavior through which the teacher the students and subject matter interact.”

A tactics of teaching is a unit of teacher behavior which is helpful for achieving instructional objectives.

A tactics may range from non-verbal behavior to more complex verbal behavior of a teacher which is interrelated with pupil- behavior. Both types of teacher-behavior are purposeful for goal linked influence.

In preparing and instruction, attempt is made to establish relationship among tactics, strategies, teacher-behavior, objectives of education and the learners. The instructional behavior consist of a chain of three links-observing, diagnosing and acting functions of teaching.

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