Teaching method is a style of the presentation of content in classroom. It has presented broad meaning of the term ‘method’. According to this matter is important for determining method. The common teaching matter may be of three types, hence all the methods can be classified under three heads.1) Telling Method-Lecture, Questioning Discussion, etc. 2) Showing Method-Demonstration, Excursion, etc. 3) Doing Method-Project, Role playing, Practical method,etc.

Broudy (1963) has stated that “Method refers to the formal structure of the sequence of acts commonly denoted by instruction. The term ‘method’ covers both strategies and tactics of teaching and involves the choice of what is to be taught, and in which order is it to be presented”.

Method is more general, it includes techniques also. The teaching techniques are ways of implementing a method. Different techniques may be employed within one method of teaching.

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