Programmed instruction has the following limitations:

  • 1)Minimizes student teacher relationship Direct teacher-pupil relationship or contract is not there.
  • 2)Loss of interest and Motivation Mere manipulation of a machine is not rewarding to children. Once the novelty wears off and if, at the start, too many errors appear the pupil loses interest and motivation. Later the reinforcements often do not accelerate learning.
  • 3)Spoken skills are Ignored In language learning, speech is important and there is no scope for providing this experience in programmed learning.
  • 4) Restricts freedom for Choice Programmed instruction restricts the learner’s freedom of choice resulting in damping of his imagination and initiative.
  • 5) No successful operant Conditioning Operant conditioning is not found successful with all and in every situation.
  • 6) Inadequate provision for various variable Programmed learning ignores or makes inadequate provisions for variable the cognitive variables, personality variables and motivational variables.
  • 7) Required team Work It requires team work of psychologists, educationists, engineers and industrial technologists and it is every difficult.
  • 8) Ned trained Teachers It also requires trained teachers and modificational educational set up.
  • 9) Costly It is very costly.

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