1. Costly:

If video recording is to be done, then it is very costly. It iseasy to use it.

2. Lack of experts:

In micro teaching, an expert observes the micro-lesson, then he provides feed-back. It is not an easy job. We have very few experts who can perform different skills properly and provide feedback to student teachers.

3. Not Real teaching:

To teach a few students for a short duration of time is not actually a real teaching. In real class-room situations, teacher has to control the class also.

4. It is training technique:

Micro teaching is, in fact, a training technique for teacher-trainees. It cannot be used to present subject matter to students.

5. Integration of skills is not easy:

Micro teaching provides training in individual skills. After that those teaching skills are integrated. But integration of skills is not an easy job.

In spite of these limitations, micro teaching has great potentialities. It is a very good training technique and research tool. It can be integrated with traditional teaching.

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