It is an American approach in which Robert Mager and Gagne have also contributed. It is the latest approach.According to Bloom (1956), education is a tri-polar process involving mainly three activities.

(a) Formulation of objectives.

(b) Creating learning experiences.

(c) Evaluating the change in behavior.

In view of educational objectives, learning experiences are provided to bring desirable changes in the learners’ behavior. These behavioural changes are evaluated in terms of educational objectives. Therefore, evaluation is done not only of students’ performance but whole of the education process i.e. teaching learning and testing based on educational objectives.

Evaluation approach does not confines itself only to cognitive development but to the all round development of the child for evaluation teaching learning process three things should be kept in mind.

  • Some behaiver
  • Conditions or situations in which behavior will occur
  • Determination of level of performance.

Students’ performances are measured in terms of learning objectives cognitive, affective and psychomotor.

(a) Formulation of objectives:

Predetermined, organized activity to bring desirable change is known as an objective. In formulating objectives, the following things are considered.

  • Nature and need of the subject.
  • Nature and need of the content
  • Students’ level of aspiration need their socio-economical conditions, cultural needs.
  • Students’ growth and development.
  • Students’ intelligence ability, interest etc.

After considering the above given points, content is analysed into elements / units. First general objectives are formed on the basis of these teaching units and then these objectives at cognition level are specified in behavioural terms by using Robert Mager’s approach.

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