It is not a very popular approach to lesson plan, used only in USA. This approach is known as “Unit Method”. According to Morrison, “Unit is a comprehensive and significant aspect of environment of an organized section and art.”

According to Wisely, “The unit is an organized body of information and experience designed to effect significant outcomes for the learners.”

Morrison has formulated “Cycle plan of Teaching” major emphasis is on learning objectives and students’ needs in planning teaching tasks. His cycle plan of teaching includes five steps.

(a) Exploration.

(b) Presentation

(c) Assimilation

(d) Organization

(e) Recitation

Main stress is on assimilation. Mastery teaching can be done by dividing whole content into units and each unit should be planned and taught. Each unit is

psychological in nature. It creates problematic situation which helps in raising level of motivation. Students’ involvement increases and thus, learning occurs.

This approach is used at “Understanding level of teaching especially for higher classes or secondary classes. It is more useful for subjects of science or mathematics.

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