Group Discussion method Advantages:

We may list its benefits as follows:

  • Group instruction promotes social wisdom in a very natural way among students. Shy students gradually come up and develop a spirit of competition.
  • Under this system, the students’ strength undertakes the learning process through exchange of views. It promotes debating and discussion.
  • Weaker / less efficient students can make up throughcompetition and with the help of fellow students.
  • It promotes social development and consciousness among the students for greater co-operations, sympathy, sacrifice, affection and loving behaviour,
  • The student learn to perform social work. It builds a sense of responsibility in individuals.
  • This system saves time and money. In other wordswithin limited / lesser resources instruction is impartedto a great number of students.
  • Certain disciplines like physical education, music, art, poems and stories can be well taught in groups.
  • Students get opportunity to become social anddevelop leadership skills, too.
  • In-group appreciation of students promotes their dedication, interest and devotion to work more hard.
  • It promotes and develops group dynamics.
  • Shortage of educational accessories can be over come through this method. Our educational system is based on it.

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