The Symposium:

In this type of discussion, three or more persons present their views on a several sided question or topic. Each one takes one aspect of the topic. It can be followed by questions and discussion. This method stimulates greater freedom in audience participation. One precaution be used in the sense is that all speakers are of equal ability.

The Panel Discussion:

Here few people with different backgrounds and experiences discuss a thing while others listen. They are of course free to get their doubts removed if any. It requires of course a skillful moderator who sees to it that the members do not start making long speeches.

Informal Group Discussion:

Here the pupil is the leader of the discussion activities. Leadership qualities are developed in the leader. There is no hesitancy on the part of the students. They also develop thinking ability. This is a difficult procedure to handle but can be handled. If the discussion is well planned, no problem is going to arise.

Formal Group Discussion:

Here there is a discussion leader, and there are several resource members who represent special skills and specialized knowledge essential to the problem which the group is discussing and there is a recorder. The leader keeps the discussion on the track. At intervals, he summarizes the discussion and clarifies the discussion before the next point. No confusion should prevail.Recorder records the general direction of discussion. The discussions made by the group are also recorded.

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