A good drama includes the following characteristics:

  • The story should be effective and interesting.
  • The subject-content should be full with the feelings forthe welfare of making.
  • The character or role should be encouraging and effective.
  • The dialogue should be active and alive. The dialogue should be short.
  • There should be coordination among the activities andthe dialogues.
  • The play should be effective for developing the feelings and under standing of the students.
  • The vocabulary and style of language should be according to the level of the students.
  • The size of play should not be too long. The long drama should be divided into parts or serials like the television.
  • The subject content and dialogue should not reflectadversely on any religion or community.
  • The dialogue and songs should be simple and easy to comprehend easily.
  • There should be turnover in the dialogue so that monotony can be removed. It may be the source of recreation and enjoyment.

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