1) All contents can not be covered

All the topics in the syllabus are not feasible to be taken.care by demonstration method.

2) All students can not see

All the students of the class may not be able to see the details and results of a demonstration as the classrooms are crowded and lack gallery get up.

3) All students can not participate

All the students do not get a chance to participate in the demonstration and have very little opportunity to become familiar with the apparatus and demonstration.

4) Low thinking in fast demonstrations

The pace of demonstration at times is so fast that the students may have trouble in understanding the procedures and concepts. This is generally true because the teacher has to finish the task in a given time period.

5)No rehearsal

The teachers generally do not get the opportunity or do not attempt to rehearse the demonstrations leading to Occasional founders.

6) Useful only for skills subjects

It can be used only for skill subjects.

7) No discussion

Only the attention of the learners is invited towards the activity demonstrated.

They are not free to discuss about it.

8) Scarcity of Equipment

Due to poor economic conditions of the government- school scarcity of audio-visual aids and equipments:

And, the teachers are not so creative to produce hand-made models for demonstration.

9) Lack of sincerity

There is a general lack of sincerity and diligence among teachers, who wish to complete the syllabus or syllabi at the earliest without putting sincere efforts.


(i) The teacher should be a sincere, diligent, and skilled person.

(i) Teachers should, himself, prepare the models for demonstrations and encourage the learners too.

(i) Demonstration should be followed by discussions.

(iv) A teacher must have the ability to use audio-visualaids with expertise.

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