Various types of activities stated earlier can be divided into three types.

  1. Exploratory ——Knowledge getting
  2. Constructive——Experience getting
  3. Expressional——Presentation

These different types are briefly state.

1.Exploratory-Knowledge getting activities

A group of students may be asked to make a study of the various sources of food articles consumed at home by questioning their parents and study labels on food packets. The data may be compiled and interpreted by the group.In another activity the data about the rural migrants in a certain locality of the city may be collected.

2.Constructive-Experience getting Activities

An excursion to an industrial or agricultural area is a highly useful activity because students through direct observation get first hand experience or knowledge about the situation. They react directly to the situation and get readily response.

3. Expressional-Presentation Activity

  • A debate can be arranged to any social problem or issue.
  • Map can be arranged to any social problem or issue.
  • Map can be presented indicating the important physical features of Pakistan.
  • A chart can be shown, showing the climate condition of Pakistan.
  • A graph can be shown indicating the distribution oflaborers in various regions of Pakistan.

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