Teaching strategies and method are used for the same meaning but they are quite different from one another. Some points of difference have been discussed here:

1) Teaching method is based on classical theory of human organization task-centred, whereas teaching strategy is based on modern theory of organization task and relationship centred.

2) The content and mode of presentation are the main elements of teaching method. The matter determines the method (telling, showing and doing). The behavioural objectives and learning conditions are two basic elements of teaching strategy. The objective determines the strategy of (Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor) teaching.3) The term strategy has been borrowed from military science (technology) and method is the term of pedagogy of education.

4) The assumption regarding teaching strategy is that teaching is a science and method assumes that teaching is an art.toteaching.

5) Teaching strategy employs micro-approach teaching, whereas method uses macro-approach to teaching.

6) The strategies are implemented by tactics of teaching and methods are implemented by techniques of teaching. The tactics are more concerned with learning structures, whereas techniques are concerned with mode of presentation and nature of content.

7) The effectiveness of teaching strategy is evaluated in terms of

achieving objectives by administering criterion test. The teaching methods are evaluated in terms of mastery over the subject master by using achievement test.

8) The main focus of a teaching strategy is to achieve the objective by creating appropriate learning conditions.

The teaching method aims at the effective presentation of subject-matter to have the master over it.Some teaching methods are also termed as teaching strategies, e.g., lecture is used both method as well as strategy.

The lecture strategy refers to realizing some specific objectives but lecture method refers to mode of presentation of some specific content. In selecting appropriate teaching strategy task analysis, learning conditions and learning objectives are crucial factors, but subject-matter determines the method though the same subject content can be used for achieving different types of objectives.

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