Some of the demerits are:

1.Students Passive

In this method students participation is negligible and students become passive recipients of information.

2. No surety of students Understanding

In this method we are never sure if the students are concentrating and understanding the subject matter being taught to them by the teacher.

3.Weak students cannot Follow

In this method, knowledge is imparted so rapidly that weak students develop a hatred for learning.

4. Not favourable for development of mental Faculties

It does not allow faculties of students to develop.

5. No learning by doing

In this method there is no place for “learning by doing.”

6. Previous knowledge not assessed

It does not take into account the previous knowledge of the students.

7. No feed back

It does not provide the corrective feedback and remedial help to slow learners.

8.Individual differences are not Cared

It does not cater to the individual needs and differences of students.

9. Authoritarian Method

It is undemocratic and authoritarian method in which students depend only on the authority of teacher. They can not challenge or question the verdict of the teacher. This checks the power of critical thinking and proper reasoning in the students.


The following precautions should be observed to use this strategy effectively:

1. The language of the lecture should be simple, easy and comprehensive.

2. The questions should be asked to make the students attentive in the class.

3. The students remain inactive and passive participants, hence the teacher use humour to release their tension and monotony of the class

4. The method should be used from secondary level to upward classes.

5. The teacher should explore their previous knowledge and make the efforts to link with new one.

6. It should be supported by question-answer technique and appropriate teaching aids, maps, charts, diagrams, pictures. etc.

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