1) Time consuming

The project method is uneconomical in terms of time. It takes a lot of time to plan and execute a single project. Further, fitting project work into the normal, time table requires a lot of juggling.

2) All syllabus cannot be covered

It is also certain that each and every topic or contents of a subject cannot be covered through one or the other projects and to have a number of projects simultaneously in a particularly session is neither possible nor feasible.

3) Costly

The execution of a project requires a lot of financial liabilities. The return in terms of the yields from a project is generally much less than the expenditure incurred.

4) Need teacher expertise

The teacher will have to be exceptionally gifted, knowledgeable as well as alert and helpful. It expects too much from the teacher as right from providing situations and opportunity for the selection of the project to its planning, execution and recording, teacher has to remain alert for providing help and guidance to the students individually and in groups for the success of the projects.

5) No systematic coverage of curriculum

Since the project method is a method of incidental learning, it is not helpful in providing systematic and adequate learning. Here, students learn, only what is required by them in relation to the completion of the projects. Therefore, r systematic and orderly treatment of curricular areas is possible through the teaching performed by project method.

6) Material not Available

Textbooks and instructional materials written on these lines are not easily available.

7) Other Problems

This method suffers from some serious limitations on account of the following practical difficulties:

*Shortage of funds in schools.

*Very high teacher-pupil ratio.

*Shortage of properly trained teachers.

* Existing system of examination does not conform to the requirements of project method of teaching.

* Study is very vast to have any scope for using this method.

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