On the basis of above definitions, following are the main features or characteristic of Micro teaching:

  • Real teaching situation: It is a real teaching situation. A teacher teaches in real class room situations.
  • Scaled down teaching: Micro teaching is a scaled down teaching in terms of –class-size (5-10 students) –time (5-10 minutes) –teaching skill (taking one teaching skill at a time) In this way complexities of the real classroom teaching are reduced.
  • Individualised teaching: In Micro teaching attention is focused on one person. He or she is under observation. It is applied to a group of teachers at a time.
  • More controlled: Micro teaching is conducted under more controlled conditions. Individual is given training to master this skill.
  • Feedback mechanism: Individual performs skill after giving demonstration by the expert. He is observed by the expert. At the end of micro lesson, feedback is provided by the expert to display the skill more effectively.

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