The following are the main characteristics of good questions:

  • The language of questions should be simple and understandable.
  • The form of the questions should be straight forward. There should not be ambiguity.
  • The questions should have the definite meaning.
  • The questions should be in logical sequence. It should be psychologically workable.
  • The questions should be thought provoking.
  • The questions should serve the purpose of teaching learning.
  • The questions should have utility from learners and content point of view.


The following are major advantages of question-answer method.

  • The classroom verbal interaction can be encouraged.
  • The learner remains active and participates in teaching acts.
  • The new knowledge is imparted by linking with earlier acquired knowledge.
  • It involves psychological principles of learning.
  • It is more useful at primary and secondary level.
  • It reduces the chances of indiscipline in classroom teaching.
  • While asking the questions teacher should keep in mind the abilities, needs and interest of the learners.


It has the following disadvantages:

1) It is very difficult to prepare good questions and arrange them in psychological sequence. The logical sequence is used.

2) It is a mechanical strategy and limited to memory level in the classroom climate.

3) It can not be used in the teaching at higher classes.

4) All knowledge can not be imparted by questions-answer method.


The following precautions should be taken..

1) It should be supplemented by lecture and narrationdevices.

2) The questions should be evenly distributed among the whole class.

3) The strategy should be used only by those teacher who can prepare questions immediately even at the time of teaching.

4) The teacher should try to reduce the tension of the class by humour.

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