The following are the chief characteristics of Programmed instruction.

1. Individualized Instructional System:

Programmed learning is a method of individualized method of instruction. One person learns at a time. Information is provided according to individual’s needs.

2. Logical Sequence of the Material:

The instructional material is presented in a logical sequence. Each new step follows logically each preceding step.

3. Auto-instructional System:

Here the learner learns through an auto-instructional device. The teacher is a part of the system indirectly.

4. Material is presented in small Steps:

In programmed learning, the material is presented in small steps or increments. The possibility of error is reduced to the minimum.

5. Learner’s own Speed:

In programmed instruction, each learner learns at his own pace or rate of speed. It is the individual who determines the rate of accomplishment.

6. Immediate knowledge of Results:

In programmed learning, the student’s answer is immediately checked. He is informed whether his answer is right or wrong. He is given feedback and it reinforces learning

7. Constant evaluation:

In programmed learning, there is constant evaluation. It helps in improving the quality of programmed material.

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