Teaching is a complex activity, it needs proper preparation and planning. Lesson plan is a blue print of teaching activities undertaken in the classroom. Every teacher tries to plan the content in his own style so that he can teach systematically and effectively.


i) Helps teacher to do justice with topic

Proper lesson planning helps the teachers to do justice with different aspects of the lesson.

ii) Helps in identifying and achieving objectives

Lesson planning helps teacher in identifying the teaching objectives and managing teaching-learning to achieve these objectives.

iii) Develops reasoning and imagination

Lesson planning helps the teacher to plan and use essential component behaviours and teaching skills helpful in realization of teaching objectives. It develops reasoning thinking and imagination powers of the teacher.

iv) Develops confidence

Lesson plan helps in making teaching more purposeful properly coordinated and gives the student-teacher more confidence and better performance.

v) Saves time and energy

Lesson planning prevents wastage of time and energy because it helps the teacher to be systematic and orderly. It saves him from haphazard teaching.

vi) Helps in teaching, revision and evaluation

The pattern followed in a lesson plan helps the teacher to teach, revise and evaluate his teaching. Thus, it helps the pupil in fixing up the knowledge of the subject-matter in their minds.

vii) Maintains discipline

Proper lesson planning helps in maintaining discipline in the classroom by keeping the students busy in teaching- learning process.

viii) Maintains sequences of contents

It helps in maintaining the sequence of content and presentation. It prevents the teacher from deviate from the topic. Thus, it prevents duplicacy and confusion.Lesson-planning gives the teacher confidence and makes the teaching-learning process slick: It provides adequate lesson summaries, helps in assignments and in the selection of proper strategies, tactics and audio-visual aids.

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