In education the word “method” is used to indicate a series of teacher’s directed activities that result in learning by the pupils. A method may be regarded as a process or procedure whose meaning for completion the results in learning, method is one of the most fundamental aspects of education and the central problem of teaching.

Varieties of methods are used in teaching. Some methods are classical, while others are modern or innovative. Every method has its own characteristics, its strengths and limitations. The teacher cannot be content with a particular method. He may use variety of method, depending upon his preparation, interest, imagination and resourcefulness and the facilities made available in the school.

Since successful teaching involves the use of a sound method, therefore, the teacher must possess qualities of making any designated method effective such as he should possess the ability to pass on knowledge to other, he should possess the requisite skill of an artist he knows the materials and the problems of the learners he is aware of the desirability of having the students absorb the material and he must facilitate for learning process.

Different methods have been discussed in this book. There may be some overlapping but all these methods have practical values for teaching

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