Team Teaching has its instrinsic merit and affords many advantage.

1. Better utilization of resource:

It results in the optimum use of available resources, human material and finance. A number of teachers can work together and make the best use of their specialized knowledge.

2. Better planning:

Team teaching overcomes repetition and allows every teacher to devote more time towards planning and preparation of his unit.

3. Effective use of teaching techniques:

Team teaching leads to the integration of the curriculum. Teaching becomes more meaningful and effective. Teachers observe each other and thus improve their teaching techniques.

4. Better follow-up-work:

It ensures better follow up work as a number of specialists teach the same subject to the same class.

5. Better motivation:

It provides better motivation for good teachers to become team leaders and better motivation for the students while they are being taught by a number of teachers. Teachers with greater technical skills influence the performance of their expert colleagues.

In addition to these advantages, team teaching if very useful for gifted or intelligent students, as well as for the slow learners. It also helps in solving the problem of shortage of subject teachers and ensures improvement of instruction and school atmosphere as a whole.

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