Micro teaching is a widely used technique. Following are the advantages of Micro teaching:

1. Reduces complexities:

A student-teacher hesitates to enter a large class and teach for 40 minutes in the beginning. Micro teaching is a scaled down teaching in terms of class size, class time and teaching skill. It reduces the complexities of Macro teaching.

2. More understanding of teaching:

Micro teaching breaks the whole teaching into different teaching skills. The study and acquisition of each skill separately provides opportunity to see teaching more clearly.

3. Individualised teaching:

Micro teaching focuses on one individual at a time. Efforts are made to improve teaching of that teacher.

4. Feedback mechanism:

It is very important feature of micro teaching. After giving lecture or after teaching, the expert gives his observation in the form of suggestions and practical demonstration to improve teaching.

5. Simulated teaching:

Micro teaching session can include real students or even peers. When peers perform the role of students, it is called simulated teaching.

6. Research tool:

Micro teaching is a very good research tool to observe the behavior of teachers. Data may be collected with this tool. All over the world, it is widely used in the field of research.

7. Behaviour modification technique:

Micro teaching provides feed-back to teachers to improve their teaching in required direction. So, effective. teachers can be produced with the help of micro teaching.

8. Better than traditional teaching practice programmers:

In microteaching trainee teacher concentrates on practicing a specific and well defined teaching skill consisting of a set of teacher behaviours that are observable, controllable and practicable. It provides more appropriate technique of learning the art of teaching than traditional student teaching programme.

9.Real teaching:

It is real teaching, although it is conducted in simple environment.

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