The following are the main advantages of Heuristic strategy of teaching:

1) It develops the scientific attitude of the leaner and tendency of observation.

2) It evolves the feeling of self confidence and sell reliance.

3) The teacher provides the individual guidance to the learner.

4) The teacher remains active.

5) It develops logical and imaginative thinking among the learner.

6) It is based upon psychological principles of learning.

7) It creates the situation for divergent thinking.


It suffers from the following limitations.

1) It can not be used for lower classes.

2) It is very time consuming strategy.

3) It can not be used for the dull or poor students even for higher classes.

4) It can not be employed for a large number of students.


The following precautions should be observed:

1) It has number of possible solutions of a problem, hence most relevant solutions should be tried out.

2) It has unstructured curriculum, therefore, problem should be oriented towards the objective.

3) It is full of risk, because most of the trials go waste, therefore, wrong solutions should not be accepted.

4) There are more chances of indiscipline hence teacher should provide proper guidance to each and every learner.

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