1) Novelty raises Motivation:

The novelty of working with a computer raises the learner motivation:

2) Adds Realism

Colour, music and animated graphics can add realism and appeal to drilling exercises, laboratory activities, simulations etc.

3) High rate of Reinforcement

High-speed personalized responses to learner actions Ia high rate of reinforcement;

4) Uses past for future plans

Memory capacity allows student’s past performance to be recorded and used in planning the subsequent steps;

5) Effective climate

Step, can present a more positive and effective climate, especially for slow learner.

6) Ensures individualized Instruction

The record keeping ability of the computer makes individualized instructional feasible. Individual prescriptions can be prepared for all students and their progress can be monitored.

7) Enlarged span of Central

The teacher’s span of control is enlarged, as more information is put easily at the teacher’s disposal, helping to keep control close to him.

8) One to one interaction

CAI provides one to one interaction with a student.

9) Immediate Response

This method gives immediate response to the answer given.

10) Student work with their speed

Student work with their speed.

11) Provides drill

CAI is particularly useful in subjects that require drill.

12) Reduces teacher Burden

It reduces the burden of the teacher by making him free from the task of notebook checking.

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