Different approaches to lesson planning are given below.


It is based on a apperceptive theory of learning i.e. mind of the child is like a clean slate. If the new knowledge related to previous knowledge is given. It will be more easy and retainable for a longer period.

This approach is influenced by classical human organization theory because it is a teacher centred approach.This approach is used for memory level teaching and involves five steps.

a) Preparation

b) Presentation

c) Comparison

d) Abstraction

e) Generalization

This approach is commonly used in teaching of various school subjects. On the basis of five steps outline of a lesson plan is given in the following form.

Date _______________

Class _______________

Period _______________

Subject _______________

Topic _______________

General Objective

These objectives are formulated by the teacher in his subject keeping in view of entering behavior of the learners.

For example:

To develop the knowledge of grammar among the students.

Specific Objectives:

These objectives are formulated on the basis of general objectives and considering the nature of the topic and level of students. These are specified in terms of knowledge, skill or appreciation. These objectives are written in behavioural terms.

For example:

Student will be able to recall the definition of noun. Student will be able to enumerate the examples of noun…


Here, the teacher employs his insight and experience for linking new knowledge with the previous knowledge of the students. The topic is not introduced directly but it is usually, emitted by the students’ responses by asking introductory questions.

Teaching aids:

Audio-visual aids are selected according to the proposed topic.

Previous knowledge

Students’ previous knowledge is mentioned. For example Students are familiar with figure of speech. They know that nouns are naming words.

Statement of aim:

The teacher gives his statement of teaching topic by incorporating the students’ responses. For example “Today. we will study about the noun and its kinds”


The teacher prepares the developing questions after Introducing the topic. These questions are arranged in logical sequence, Le. from simple to complex, considering the structure of the topic.


The teacher is supposed to explain the answers of the given answer form.

Blackboard summary:The teacher has to prepare the blackboard summary of his teaching points and explanations.

Review questions:

The purpose of these questions is to practice the students’ learning and evaluate their performance whether they have comprehended the teaching unit or not. These review questions are asked only after running the blackboard summary.

For example

Q.1 What is the definition of Noun?

Q.No.2 Give some examples of noun…..

Home assignments:

At the end of the lesson plan, home assignment is given to the students on the same teaching unit. The purpose of home work is to practice, to organize and to study the topic for better understanding and retention.

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