In teaching world even when we take a small group of pupils, we do not find children alike. So individuality exists all around us. We can’t deny this fact and to make teaching more effective we should accept this reality.

Education and growth, both are two individual affairs, and can be well shaped only in healthy and free atmosphere. Any form of pressure or stress stops a child’s natural growth and learning. So we recognize the child, and child-centred education is responsible to give rise to the thinking of individual freedom.

In other words that is “to consider one’s level and desire”. Thus individual method provides for an individual child, facilities of instructions, keeping in view his needs, intelligence, and motivation, rate of learning, capacity and aim in life.

In short we can say, that it would bring confidence, self- respect and self-reliance in children. In modern era, a child-. centred education system is thought as the best. Therefore, it is needed to prefer the individual brought-up to make teaching and training meaningful.

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