The modern school is an activity-based school, which emphasizes the creative and spontaneous aspect of experience. Activity method brings the students close to the real life situation. They get first hand experience in an environment in which they are performing certain activity. It is recognized that the directed activities give reality to learning and effective teaching uses all available sources. Activities are meant to provide varied experience to the pupils to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge experience, skill and attitude. The activity approach in instruction reserves the dual purpose of individualization and socialization. Therefore, an activity based curriculum is an important branch of curriculum development.

What is an activity? Anything which is carried out with a purpose in a social environment involving physical and mental action. Therefore, such activity helps in the establishment of stimulating environment for creative expression. In fact, children enjoy wholesome living in stimulating environment where desirable attitudes, interests, and skills are formed. They develop self confidence and understanding through work and play in the group.

Children are in fact, workers. They are always active. They are deeply interested and penetrating observers of many types of work. They watch work processes in home and in-the community with a high degree of inquiring attention and interest. Many of their worthwhile observation of work will find creative expression through talk, dramatic play, action of the play field and in the learning laboratory. Through group excursions into places of historical and geographical interest and in community, they may have many opportunities to learn more about the way of life of the people and natural resources. These experiences enrich the curriculum, and providing support and richness, which is provided in the learning experience of the textbook.

Therefore, teacher should furnish for a students rich varied and purposed learning experiences though selection and organization of activities in the classroom and also outside the classroom. Teachers should develop happy and cordially relationship with students and among the students, because a activities provide best opportunities for building such interaction or relationship.

Development of democratic values among the students is one of the cordial aim of education. These can be developed though a climate which is democratic, which is informal and where there is free exchange of views, and where the imagination and mutual understanding of students is stimulated in various ways.

Variety of activities can be arranged or organized by the students under the supervision and guidance of teacher These activities may include dramatizing, observing, collecting, experimenting and constructing. Other include painting, drawing, designing woodcarving, composing, action, interviewing, reading, map making, graph making, chart making, model making, toy making posture / cartoon drawing field trips, gardening and camping etc.

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