The term “heuristics’ has been borrowed from the word ‘Heurises’, it means, “discover or investigate”. The purpose of communication is to develop the tendency of investigation. Arm Strong is the exponent of this strategy. It is based upon the assumption of Herbert Spencer that the learner should be told as little as possible and he should be encouraged to learn himself as much as possible.

Pollio and Dankar (1945) have mentioned this strategy in their article entitled ‘Problem Solving.’ The strategy involves ‘trial and error’ and invention techniques. This strategy is very economical and speedy. It requires more logical and imaginative thinking in formulating the number of tentative solutions for the problem.


(1) To develop problem solving ability.

(2) To develop logical and imaginative thinking ability.

(3) To develop scientific attitude towards the problem.

(4) To encourage free thinking for performing the task.


A problem is placed before the learners and they attempt to seek the solutions of the problem. The learners get full freedom of working and thinking. The number of devices are used for solving the problem. The problem is analysed in possible elements. The learner discuss themselves about the problem. The teacher encourages the students to work i laboratory and to study in the library. The teacher attempts to in acquaint the leaner with relevance of the problems

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