In this method, the teacher really shows and explains. Students are active participants in a demonstration and their faculties of observation and reasoning are properly exercised. It is based on the principle: “Truth is that which works”. The teacher has to work out something and then and only then, the students will believe.This is a psychological and economical method which is useful in dangerous experiments. It is a time saving method but also needs care by teacher; only then can it be successful. Major drawback of this method is that this is not based on learning by doing. It is not child centred and leaves no scope for individual differences.


*A good demonstration should be visible to all students and the demonstration set up should be at good height for proper visibility.

*The classrooms must have good lighting and ventilation and provisions must be made to take care of glare, reflections, etc.

*The size of the apparatus used for demonstration should be large enough for clear view by the students.

*The apparatus should have a blackboard behind the demonstration table to facilitate summarizing the related principles and concepts.

*To assure that the students follow the demonstrations properly, the pace of demonstration should be accurate. The teacher must take care that the pace is neither too fast nor too slow.

*The teacher must be well versed in handling theapparatus by carrying out necessary rehearsal prior to actual demonstration.

*To avoid floundering during demonstration, the teacher must arrange the apparatus in proper order.

*The teacher must give emphasis to the major points in the demonstration to make students aware of the objectives of the demonstration.

*The students should be given ample time for recording the data.

*Asking suitable reflective type questions during demonstration will sustain interest of the students and enliven the demonstration.

*The teacher should make provisions and allowance for circumstances like power failure, seasonal variations etc.

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