The Socratic strategy is known as strategy. It is developed by the famous philosopher Socrates He assumes that all knowledge within the learner and teacher has to unfold it. He further assumes that teacher should present the subject-matter in such a way that learner recognizes the truth and he can identify himself with it.


Socrates has suggested three steps in this strategy:

1) To prepare questions and arrange them in a sequence.

2) To present the questions in appropriate way so that curiosity may be created among the learners.

3) To ask new questions by liking with the learner’s responses. Teacher is able to recognize the intention of learner and provides motivation accordingly.


  • Exploring the entering behaviours of the learners.
  • Provides motivation and encouragement
  • Makes them active in the classroom.
  • Establishes a chain of learning by linking previous knowledge with new knowledge.
  • Provides the direction to the mental process of learning.
  • Develops thinking and analysis abilities of the learners.
  • Revise the teaching content.
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of teaching learning activities.

The questions serve different purpose, hence there are of various types of questions.

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