While individualized instruction is to be practiced, the following two procedures are suggested to be kept in mind:

i) Assignment

ii) Study


We can list its benefits as below:

1. This kind of teaching is imparted in accordance with individual conflicts of a child so it would satisfy him individually. Though an individual is a member of a society but one possesses one’s own personality or individually. For instance, two students cannot hold same position at one time; there will always be a difference even in points. So, a good teacher must keep in practice, to develop personalities at individual level.

2. With the help of individualized teaching, a particular subject can be well acknowledged and, therefore, can be given due, complete / full attention to each and every aspect of that particular subject.

3. Individualized teaching method builds the character and brings insight. It develops qualities of self- confidence, self-respect and self-reliance in individuals.

4. This kind of instruction assists the students to develop the habit of self-study that takes them towards their natural aptitude. It becomes a natural way for them to find a particular aim.

5. It evokes one’s curiosity and creativity. Therefore, it satisfies natural desires or instincts. According to Froebel, “the ideas (or things) are hidden inside the mind and heart of the child, which come into light” so › individual attention is a source to problem hidden potential and qualities of a child, to enlighten and polish them. In return, a child feels satisfied.

6. It trains students for practical life because it lays emphasis on objectivity or practicability. His well-built confidence helps him greatly to face the hardships and to solve problems.

7.It greatly affects the literature, geography, mathematics and writing ability of a learner, so it is best to teach children by applying this method. Whereas, music, art and physical education can be well taught in groups especially in primary classes. The individualized teaching is very effective and brings good results in the long run.

8.If we do not teach our learners how to read, write, do or pronounce individually, it will not satisfy them and, therefore, the next educational process will be difficult for them.

9. It is fruitful especially in case of weak students. It provides opportunity to express their difficulty without any hesitation whereas, in a group they cannot express well. Any absentee cannot recover missing lesson but in case of this method he may recover before newlesson is taught.

10. In this method it is convenient for teacher to identify weaknesses and problems of learners and solve them accordingly. But it is not possible in a group to pay special attention to each and every individual.

11. In individualized teaching, one is not stuffed or forced rather one learns according to his capacity. In this way, a learner is also responsible for his own progress or position.

12. It connects teacher and learner closer. Close relationship enables teacher to guide and train his learner more appropriately.
Teacher plays vital role in individualized teaching. At a time he performs as a guide as well as a friend. So his accountability increases to a great extent.

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