Teaching strategy is the means to achieve learning objectives’.E. Stones and S. Morris have defined the term ‘teaching strategy comprehensively in the following manner:

“Teaching strategy is a generalized plan for a lesson which includes structure, desired learner behavior in terms of goals of instruction and an outline of planned tactics necessary to implement the strategy. The lesson strategy is a part of a larger development scheme of the curriculum.”

This definition of teaching strategy involves two aspects:

1) a generalized pane for the presentation of a lesson and

2) it includes desired learner behavior in terms of goals instruction.

He has urther explained the meaning of the lesson. It is a part of a development scheme of the curriculum and plan includes an outline of tactics of teaching which helps in implementing the strategy.Teaching strategy seek: to establish the relationship between teaching and learning in view of achieving the Objective Teaching strategies include broad methods of instruction, eg, a lecture-strategy, a tutorial strategy, a case-study strategy and programmed instruction strategy. They can be regarded as a broad way of operations.

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