• Aim, goals, and objectives
  • Subject matter
  • Learning experiences
  • Evaluation
  • Emphasis on different components shapes the design of the curriculum.
  • Taba believes that most curriculum lack balance because ✅ the components are poorly defined, or ✅ they not considered within a theoretical framework
  • When curriculum are planned those who construct the curriculum may place differing emphases on on these components parts.
  • Usually more emphasis is placed on the subject matter.

Criteria for selecting the curriculum design

It is not an easy task to select the curriculum design. Each design depends upon the following criteria;

  • Purpose and goals of education to be achieved
  • Sources of objectives to be utilized
  • Characteristics of learners to be identified
  • Nature of the learning process to be used
  • Types of society for which design is meant
  • Nature of knowledge to be provided

The curriculum design whichever is selected influence the following:

  • What strategies will be used for teaching?
  • What role to be played by the teacher?
  • What role is to be played by the students?
  • What instructional material is required?
  • What evaluation devices are to be used?

It should not be understood that there is a particular curriculum design which will be suitable for all. If anyone adheres to a single curriculum design, he actually deprives the students learning opportunities.Although there is no agreed definitive list of principles of curriculum design a useful set of principles for anyone engaged in curriculum design is:

A well designed curriculum is:

  • Holistic and coherent
  • Inclusive/accessible / student centered
  • One that fosters a deep approach to learning
  • Encouraging independence in learning
  • Based upon / has links to research / scholarship
  • Based on feedback, evaluation and review.

A well designed curriculum takes account of:

  • Its market/its intake / its output
  • Its learning environment /resources/staffing
  • National and local requirements.

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