9.3.1 Criteria for Evaluating School Curriculum

The following should be used as the basis for establishing the criteria for evaluating school curriculum.

  • Objectives
  • Content as outlined in the syllabuses
  • Materials
  • Process or methodology used by teachers and administrators.

The following questions must be raised when evaluating objectives.

  • Are they worthwhile?
  • How do specified objectives compare with possible objectives?
  • Can they be achieved?
  • Can they be accepted by teachers?
  • What are the expected outcomes?

With regards to content, evaluation should focus on:

  • Its suitability, and
  • Its correlation with the specified objectives.

Materials are evaluated in order to determine whether they are:

  • Simple to use,
  • Easy to produce, and
  • Cost-effective,

The instructional methodology and administrative processes must be evaluated to determine whether they are consistent with the objectives or if the processes employed assist and support the teachers.

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